Our Projects

Drax Biomass is building manufacturing facilities that are environmentally sound, safe, and professionally managed to meet the increasing market demand for wood pellets. Our projects are strategically located near both sustainably managed forests and deep-water ports, ensuring optimal transportation routing for fiber and pellets in the United States. In each of our locations, we are committed to operating with the highest degree of integrity as a clean, responsible, and respectful neighbor.

The Gulf Region

Our current projects are clustered in the the Gulf region. Drax Biomass plans to construct the Amite BioEnergy and Morehouse BioEnergy manufacturing facilities, as well as the Gulf Regional Hub storage and export facility, in this area. The manufacturing facilities plan to process biomass in the form of logs and forest residuals sourced from surrounding sustainably managed forests. Drax Biomass anticipates hiring qualified construction and operations staff from the local region. Click here to view current employment opportunities.

Drax Biomass will cultivate strong working relationships with community citizens and civic organizations, sharing our company and employee values, and supporting worthy programs and causes in the communities in which we work.

Baton Rouge Transit Facility

Baton Rouge truss bridge

Located on a leased parcel in the Port of Greater Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Transit (a Drax Biomass sister company) is scheduled to begin operations in 2015. The facility plans to store and load biomass onto ships for export to the U.K.

Morehouse BioEnergy

Morehouse BioEnergy

Located in Bastrop, Louisiana, Morehouse BioEnergy is scheduled to begin construction in 2013 and operations in 2015. Morehouse BioEnergy plans to produce 450,000 tons of pellets per year.

Amite BioEnergy

Country road, rural Mississippi

Located in Gloster, Mississippi, Amite BioEnergy is scheduled to begin construction in 2013 and operations in 2015. Amite BioEnergy expects to produce 450,000 tons of pellets per year.